We are constantly adding prizes to our TREASURE CHEST! If you place in the top 3 for a quarter, if you do well in monthly, quarterly events, or you are a solid supporter of our bars with food and beverage purchases, you may be eligible for some of the prizes in the Treasure Chest!

We also give out seats at Seneca Niagara Poker Room events all year, also seats for a $50,000 event at Seneca in September, a $100,000 Borgata Atlantic City event in December, and a $200,000 Golden Nugget Las Vegas event through Bar Poker Open, at both online, and quarterly events.
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This BackBeat FIT training edition goes for $85-$105 online and in retail stores.
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This Zippo lighter goes for $19-$29 online and in retail stores
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This Galaxy Tab A goes for $199 at Best Buy online.
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This bluetooth portable speaker goes for $29.95 online
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These supology noise cancelling bluetooth headphones go for $19.95 online
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This Cam Newton NFL jersey goes for $99 online.

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$25 Applebees or AMC gift cards!

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The perfect workout sports headphones? 7 hour/quick charging. Driving bass with great audio quality. Water resistant. $74.99 at most retailers.
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$60 daily tourneys Thurs.Sat.Sun
$100 Mon. Fri. events
$125 Sunday night events
Seneca Poker Room Info
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Set of 4 Buffalo Themed Rock glasses /or Shot glasses from Dan Predmore Creations. $34/$24
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Home Asian Decor- Warrior General on Horseback
Retails online and in stores for $49.95

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Bluetooth Headphones
$29-35 in retail stores
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Android Smart Watch