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To the Bars:
You have fixed costs: lease, utilities, advertising, product (food and beverage) and the biggest - employees. We put cars in your lot, activity in your pub, and happy servers making tips. Other patrons driving by see the activity and stop in. And some regular patrons will add another evening at your pub.
We are a new revenue source: fresh patrons coming for a 1-4 hour period often on slow nights. We keep them there long enough that they will buy a few rounds, and some food. The best bars using our services have reasonable prices, and a good server. They are doing 2.5x - 3.5 their weekly investment in our services.
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We have thousands that have tried us, their FB connections, their emails, and most of their telephone text #s. We will send out messenger, email, and text blasts for your nightly, monthly, and quarterly events.
We are 100% legal. We are entertainment like a DJ, karaoke, trivia contest, etc. Monthly and Quarterly large events can mean even bigger paydays for the bars.
I am so excited! This is my first Royal Flush ever!
Rick Gravino
We pair you with other successful bars, so that as a league, we grow. We are searching for the perfect patron, who is competitive yet polite, uses our bars as a few times a week outlet for drinks and snacks, and the chance for making big money in real events.
And by using Bar Poker Open for our major prizes, means reduced costs to the bars to reasonable fees of $100-125 per night, paid bi-weekly. New and returning bars can have a three week intro period of reduced fees of $80, as we help build a clientele of local, and traveling players.
How to Make your Night Successful with BPP
Pick a good night! Announce that Poker is coming to your patrons in advance for 10 days to 2 weeks in advance. Get flyers up, put us on your website and Facebook with logos, cross links, and good info. A little hype, pr, is good. (if no one knows, no one comes.) Get 5-8 players in advance. We will get 5-8 players coming for the league. Then we have to pick up 5-8 more through social media, and word of mouth. Soon you’ll have 15-25 more people through your bar on a slow night for at least 17 weeks.
Added Benefit: Feedback
Since your success is our success, we give you feedback. The better your food, drinks, and service- the more money we make you each night. Our Tournament Directors should introduce the waitress/server each night prior to the game so that the server can announce the specials.
If some part of the experience in your venue is falling short, we always let you know with constructive criticism for improvement.