The Silly Season

As Winter draws to a close, we have seen a few instances of bad behavior at our games. This warrants a review of policies and placing some clear penalties in to play. After some review, and agreement by current tournament directors, Mike Flatley and Bill Adams, here are updates to our rules and penalties as of 3/22/18.


We only grow by making our venues, and the player’s experience enjoyable, fun filled. Good food, drink, and conversation. The following behaviors do not make it fun for anyone.


Blatant gambling, shouting, arguing, discussing wagers or chops cannot happen at our games. SLA can shut us down and worse, the bar owners.

Tourney Directors must police this! If we see it or hear it, we will ask players to take a 2 week hiatus from the league for first offense, 1 month for second, a season for 3rd, and another season or longer for 4th.

If players make ‘last man’ or ‘high hand’, or 7-2 token wagers for example: all wagers, discussions, and payoffs will not be in the room or pub. We don’t want to see it or hear it at the games. More clear and excessive behavior - Large wagers, arguing, chop discussions on wagers, will be dealt with as follows: for first offense- 2 weeks, for second-1 month, for 3rd a season or longer.


Is not great for a public league in a public facility. Our image is important. We can understand an occasional f-bomb, or sh%t, when a hand or river is a ‘bad beat’, but extended tirades and temper tantrums (verbal or physical abuse, kicking chairs, bending or tearing cards, etc will not be tolerated. First offense-warning minimum a forfeit of the night's game to 2 weeks for an extended tirade or refusal to stop, 2 weeks minimum for second offense, 1 month for 3rd, and season or longer for 4th.

Verbal/ Physical Abuse

Calling names, especially laced with expletives, is not allowed. Referring to race, religion, sex, economic status (laced with expletives especially) to single out a player is not allowed. This can lead to loss of tempers, physical altercations. ("You f-ing bastard/bitch” ‘j*w bastard’, the ’n’-word to our black poker players) All can lead to suspension, but mean certain immediate suspension for up to 2 weeks at the digression of that night’s tourney director.
Players can call out bad play, or bad behavior, and should bring it to the tourney director’s attention.
A player could say, "your play sucks! or you play that crap?” But saying’ you suck, you’re a piece of crap!’ is way out of bounds.
Players who pick out a player or small group of players for verbal intimidation and criticism, when continued after a warning, will be immediately suspended for the evening. (sarcasm, criticism, name calling, etc.)
Physical Abuse. Striking, pushing, shoving will result in immediate suspension from the game, a minimum 2 week penalty, and a ruling issued asap after a discussion and vote by the tourney directors, Mike Flatley and Bill Adams. Prodding, nudging, another player (except maybe waking up a player), or touching, knocking over stacks may lead to previously mentioned penalties at the discretion of the tourney director.

Excessive Drinking

People who drink to excess often exhibit bad behaviors - sometimes quite aggressive. We’ve seen players knock over stacks, bend or rip cards, spill or throw drinks, poke or touch other players, kick chairs or the table. (Sometimes they do not remember this later!) This will not be tolerated.
2 weeks or more for first offense, 1 month for 2nd, and season or longer for 4th.

Drunk players will not be allowed to drive home, and we will enlist the help of bar owners and managers to help. If a player chronically drinks to excess, and exhibits bad behaviors they will be banned for a season after a discussion and vote by the tourney directors, Mike Flatley and Bill Adams. Damages, bar tabs, cab or uber rides must be reimbursed before a 'disgraced' player is allowed to return to the league.


If a player suspects another player is cheating, let the Tournament Director know immediately. Their ruling on the situation is final. Cheating can include colluding with other players, dumping chips or intentionally trying to look at another player's hand, introducing or stealing chips, or cards into play, soft play and ‘whip-sawing’. This will mean immediate suspension from the game, a minimum 2 week penalty, and a ruling issued asap after a discussion and vote by the tourney directors, Mike Flatley and Bill Adams.

If the players decide to split up remaining prizes and or points this may be allowed, but will first need to be approved by the Tournament Director. Talking on cell phones or texting while in a hand at the table is not allowed. Player’s should step away from the table to utilize cell phones for calls or extended texts, which slow down the game.

Bad Hygiene

Offensive body odor or intolerable bad breath- please ask those offending to take the night off. Tourney directors can stock some travel size mouthwash and soap in the tourney bins. We will try to supply some in the tourney director's bins for the venue.

Issuing Warnings and Penalties

A tourney director has the right to issue warnings, 1 round penalties, forfeit of the game, and up to 2 week suspension from BPP play. Anything longer will be issued after discussion by the tourney directors, Mike Flatley and Bill Adams.

Anyone suspended for a season must submit a letter asking for reinstatement, which will be dealt after discussion by the tourney directors, Mike Flatley and Bill Adams. Usually, there will be a brief meeting, discussion during a monthly or quarterly, with decisions shortly thereafter.

Being banned from BPP!

Any serious, blatant verbal, physical abuse, drinking to excess that harms oneself or others, cheating etc. are banning type offenses. We should only consider a reinstatement with remorse for past behavior, a promise for better behavior, and if they have a value to the league (they spend, bring new venues, and new players). They may be reinstated but on parole, or fully reinstated.
Even if someone spends, brings players and venues but has continued bad behavior- they will only lose us players and venues. “Mercy" should be granted sparingly.