Changes to Quarterly/Monthly & Staff Events

Monthlies, Quarterlies & Staff Appreciation
We want to narrow down to 12 events per year plus 1-2 staff appreciation tournaments
Top 3 players in any tournament of 8 or more.
Held 2-3 weeks after month finishes. Will alternate between weekends and week nights.
We will have $300 minimum in prizes

Will be in 1st (for end of 4th quarter) 4th, 7th, 10th months of the year.
Top 5 players of quarter will get $350-400 in prizes.
Top 3 players of any tournament in the previous month of 8 or more, plus anyone in the top 50 for the quarter that did not make the previous monthly.
We will have $350-400 in prizes

Staff Appreciation
Will be 1-2 times per year
Will have a staff meeting followed by a tournament. Food and beverages provided, but a dish to pass or dessert is appreciated.
Tourney will have $200 in prizes.