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Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Tuesday)
603 Dingens Street, Cheektowaga
tournaments begin at 7pm and 9pm

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May 20 2017
New Prize Structure!
We are excited to announce the details for the new prize structure for Buffalo Pub Poker. Going forward we will be partnering with Bar Poker Open to increase the number of prizes, and overall value to our players!

Our players will have a chance every night to earn entries into BPO online tournaments. The top three in our first tournament will earn a BPO token, which will have multiple uses (more details below). This first (main) tournament will be a deep stack tournament with starting stack of 5,000, yielding top three tokens and points consistent with our normal structure. The second (consolation) tournament will be played like our previous tournaments with 2,000 starting stacks and normal point structure.

In accommodation to those who don’t wish to stay out late, the second (consolation) tournament will begin 2 hours after the first (main). These tournaments will overlap, but there is clearly a greater incentive to do well in the main tournament. Players will be allowed to enter the consolation tournament after two blind levels (30 minutes).

We believe the offerings of BPO provide a 'flatter' prize structure for our league, allowing more of our players to earn their way to big money! As stated above, players earn tokens for placing in the top three of any of our main tournaments on a nightly basis. These tokens can be used in a Bar Poker Open online freeroll each weekend. The 1st place finisher in the BPO online tournament wins a trip to Vegas with hotel and airfare included! Additionally, the top 5% earn a seat ($200 value) into one of three BPO national championships (more details below)!

In addition to the BPO online freeroll tournaments, tokens can be used to enter our BPP season championships! We will be keeping the same points structure to qualify, but now players will have to exchange one token for entry. If a player who qualifies doesn't have a token for entry, the next eligible player will have the opportunity to enter (similar to when qualified players cannot attend). The prize for this tournament will be a paid seat into one of the BPO tournaments! Players will be responsible for any other expenses occurred for the tournament, including travel and hotel. Additionally, we will be reverting back to our quarterly format, increasing our championships from three to four each year (one tournament every three months)!

The seats that are earned are into one of three BPO guaranteed tournaments in Vegas, Atlantic City, or coming in 2018 Seneca Niagara Casino! Each tournament has different guaranteed amounts based on the growth of BPO, so make sure to keep an eye on their website: BarPokerOpen.com. Currently, Vegas has the highest guaranteed prize pool of $200,000!!

So as you can see, this new prize structure will allow more of our players a chance to earn seats in big money tournaments. Additionally, players will no longer have to wait around to play in tournaments to earn their seats. You can play each weekend, and each quarter, to earn seats into three tournaments throughout the year! We hope you are as excited as we are about the changes to our prize structure and nightly tournaments. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to having a lot of representation at the BPO tournaments, good luck everyone!

Grand Prize – $200,000 BPO Championship
Nightly Tournaments – Main tournament (5,000 starting stack) for BPO tokens (top 3) and points, consolation tournament (2,000 starting stack) for points only
BPO Tokens – Use tokens for entry into online BPO tournaments every weekend. Top 5% earn seats into BPO Championships
BPO Championships – Choose one of three tournaments: Las Vegas in June ($200,000), Atlantic City in December ($100,000), and Seneca Niagara Casino in September ($50,000)
BPP Quarterly Championships – Every 3 months instead of 4 months
BPP Quarterly Qualifications – Point system remains the same (top 30, bar leaders, TD’s), additionally BPO tokens will be required for entry

May 14 2017
Mother's Day
Buffalo Pizza and Ale House will be cancelled today, 5/14.

Happy Mother's Day!

May 10 2017
Venue Updates
Unfortunately, Legends has decided to take a break from running tournaments over the summer. We hope to begin tournaments again in the fall.

Tomorrow night, 5/11, T.C. Wheeler's will be running their first night of tournaments of the year! Come out and support this great venue!